smokey stover - Inducted 2000

Dave Donahue's career included several legendary Country stations as Program Director, Operations Manager, Consultant and Radio Syndicator. His first radio job was in 1954, as host of a daily one hour show "Teen Time" in Homer, LA.. He then worked at KALT, Atlanta, TX, KTHT, Houston, TX, WNOE, New Orleans, LA and WFUN, Miami, FL. After serving in the US Air Force he resumed his career in 1960 at KTIX, Pendleton, OR, where he played Country music for the first time. In 1961, he became the night personality at KRLA, Los Angeles, CA, while Associate Producer of radio syndication at Stars International. Donahue then went to work in film at Desilu Productions. He returned to radio in 1965 as Program Director of KALE, Tri-cities, WA. The following year, he was at KISN, OR, and the year after that at KSND and KING, Seattle, WA. In 1969, he joined Ken Draper Consultants and became National Program Director for the thirteen stations in the Midwest Family. In 1970, he moved into Country radio at WITL, Lansing, MI. In 1974, he turned WHK, Cleveland, OH to Country Music. He then moved to KHAK, Cedar Rapids, IA (1976-1979). In 1980, he turned WRRD, Minneapolis, MN to Country. Donahue then joined WWOK, Miami, FL, and took the station to top five ratings in the market. He then left radio to form his own maritime underwater salvage company. He returned to radio at WSM as an air personality (1984-1991). Donahue then joined KVOO, Tulsa, OK (1991-1995). In 1999 he joined WFDI, Wichita, KS, and the following year worked at WCTH-FM (Thunder Country 100.3) Florida Keys, FL. In 1973, Donahue had served as the first Country Radio Seminar Agenda Chair. Dave Donahue was inducted into the Country Music D J Hall of Fame in 2000.