"Country Music" Writer/Producer Dayton Duncan, and artist Vince Gill, who was prominently featured in the film, will be special guests, to discuss the impact of this documentary, how it triggered music sales, and discussion about the genre’s past, present and future.

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Nielsen’s plan to implement continuous measurement in 46 diary markets was first announced early in 2019, with details on the rollout previewed during a Country Radio Seminar (CRS) session in February, hosted by Nielsen VP/Audience Insights Jon Miller. CRS promised a follow-up once data began arriving, which occurred in August, reflecting July results. In our 5th episode of CRS360, we will once again feature Miller to share what these results have revealed so far. He’ll be joined by moderator Tom Baldrica, and programming consultant Joel Raab, whose clients include stations in these newly measured markets.

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In this installment of CRS360, we’ll examine the unique relationship between Country radio, its listeners, and their community, and how Country radio is positioned to be something more in podcasting than just repurposed broadcast content. Edison Research SVP and CRS veteran Tom Webster will walk attendees through the latest data and talk about Country’s potential to “leave deeper footprints” with podcasts.

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Country Radio 2019: Mid-Year Ratings And State of The Format Report

We’re just past the halfway point in 2019, so, how is Country radio doing so far this year? The July CRS360 episode takes a look at a the format’s mid-year ratings report card, examining national shares in key demos, comparing PPM and diary-measured markets, and highlighting success stories in certain markets, and, at specific stations. This session will include a broader “state of the format” discussion, to try and identify potentially strong music trends, emerging artists, and how Country radio can better compete with other platforms exposing Country music.

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A Discussion of gender balance at country radio: Part II

We crunched 45 years of historical chart data; we consulted a PhD in sociology; we told you how radio builds a weekly playlist. And that was just Part I. Now, CRS360 takes “A Discussion Of Gender Balance” further, with Stoney Creek recording artist Lindsay Ell and Pandora Head of Country Music, Beville Dunkerley. Each has perspective to share, challenges to overcome, and steps they are taking to achieve success.

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A Discussion of gender balance at country radio: Part I

There has been plenty of debate recently challenging Country music to find a better male-female balance when it comes to radio airplay. Join us for the inaugural CRS360 webinar, “A Discussion of Gender Balance at Country Radio: Part I” as we seek to advance the conversation, by adding discussion of digital platforms, how the economy may have helped get us here, and, why Country music programmers do that thing they do. Part one of this two-part discussion will feature Jeff Green, Rachel Skaggs and John Shomby, and will be moderated by Beverlee Brannigan.