michael owens - Inducted 2008

Michael Owens was General Manager of Country station KNIX, which was consistently number one in the Phoenix market and won many prestigious awards including honors from the Country Music Association, The Academy of Country Music, Billboard Magazine, and the Marconi Award for excellence in broadcasting. His Country radio career started in 1965 as a janitor and weekend announcer. Two years later he was a fulltime announcer. From 1969 to 1974, he was Associate Producer for a syndicated Country television show. In 1974, he became General Manager of KUZZ/KZIN/KKXX (Bakersfield, CA). From 1978 through 1999, Owens was Vice President/General Manager for Owens Broadcasting Company, a company which included KNIX radio and was founded by his father, Buck Owens. He started a a monthly publication, Country Spirit, and launched the Real Country satellite radio network, which at one time had more than 160 affiliate stations. Michael is still part owner of KUZZ and KCWR in Bakersfield.