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MICHAEL o’malley - Inducted 2018

Michael O’Malley is a current consulting partner of Albright & O’Malley & Brenner. O’Malley has been consulting country radio stations since 1992. His past and present clients include Alpha, AGM, Beasley, Citadel, Clear Channel, Journal/Scripps, Lotus, New South, Triad, and SFX, among others. In his own words, O’Malley explains, “I was born to consult, I love the challenge of helping a station grow its audience, and I love helping people grow their skills and careers. I’m a strategist, a marketer, a motivator, a critical thinker, a creative resource and
a mentor.” Prior to consulting, Mike spent five years as Program Director of NBC’s WYNY in New York City, launching it as a country station in 1987. He has also programmed stations in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and a number of other large and medium markets.