johnny "k" koval - Inducted 2005

Johnny "K" Koval was in radio for fifty years. He worked at WMBO in Auburn and WOSC in Fulton, both in New York State. He was Program and/or Music Director at three Georgia stations; WACL, Waycross, WTJH, Eastpoint and WPLO, Atlanta. Moving to Nashville, Tennessee, he worked at WENO and WSIX, and was nationally syndicated on The Nashville Network Radio Network and the Music Country Radio Network. Among his most important contributions is conducting hundreds of interviews with legendary Country artists, with which he entertained his listeners. He most recently was on the air at WSM-AM in Nashville, and received 2003 Media award from ROPE, the Reunion of Professional Entertainers. Johnny "K" was inducted into the Country Music D J Hall of Fame in 2005.