jerry king - Inducted 2004

Jerry joined KKYX in San Antonio in 1975, and worked every shift at the station, ultimately becoming morning show host and Music Director. He has helped the careers of many musicians, notably George Strait, who first heard his music played on the radio on Jerry's show.

Country Disc Jockey Hall of Fame's Charlie Walker was Jerry's earliest influence, introducing him to Country music via his show on station KMAC, which ironically later became KKYX. He played music during high school, before attending Elkins Institute in Dallas, a radio school. In March of 1965, he got his first radio job at KBER in San Antonio, and worked at stations in Benton and Alice, Texas before returning home again.

Jerry has generously helped out as emcee, judge, consultant or participant in parades, festivals, fundraisers and contests within the immense coverage area of 50,000 watt KKYX.