bobby kraig - Inducted 2008

Bobby Kraig was an integral part of building one of America's most successful Country radio stations, KPLX (Dallas, TX). Under his leadership, it dominated in ratings and industry awards and at one point was the most listened to Country station in America. He attended Brown Institute of Broadcasting in 1971-1972. While working at a pirate radio station in St. Paul, MN, he began his Country career at WHSM (Hayward,WI). After two years he moved to WCCM (Brazil, IN). In 1973, he played the first Country record at WTHI (Terre Haute, IN) where he stayed for four years. In 1977, he became morning air personality and Program Director at WONE (Dayton, OH) and in 1979 returned to WTHI. He became Program Director of KPLX (Dallas, TX) and held that position until 1993. During that time he was awarded Program Director of The Year by Billboard Magazine in 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991. In 1990, he received the same award from the Country Music Association. He left radio to join Arista Nashville in 1993 and under his leadership, Arista Nashville was named Country Music Label of the Year several times by various trade publications and he was named Promotion Executive of the Year. Due to health reasons, Bobby stepped down as VP/Promotion in 2005.