bob mckay - Inducted 2009

Bob McKay programmed Country stations in major markets for over three decades. His career started in 1965 at Armed Forces Radio before becoming the evening air personality at WKY (Oklahoma City, OK), where Garth Brooks was one of his many listeners. He also held positions at WIXZ (Cleveland, OH) and WDAE (Tampa Bay, FL).

In 1975, he took his first programming job as Assistant PD and Morning Air Personality of KRKE (Albuquerque, NM), followed by positions at KQEO and KLEO (Wichita, KS). In 1978 he became Program Director at WBCS (Milwaukee, WI) and was hired in 1980 to switch legendary San Diego, CA Top 40 station KCBQ to the Country format. In 1984 he was hired as Program Director of WKIS (Miami, FL) before transferring to Beasley Broadcasting's WXTU (Philadelphia, PA) in 2000.